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With the sport now sponsored by Reebok and appearing on ESPN…

Both Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting have existed for decades.
No one cared to get involved with either individually.
But combined together with some extra flare, they are feasted over.
The athletes motivate each other, regularly giving competitors high-fives mid competition.
It’s branded as creating the “fittest on earth,” but “fit” is an arbitrary word.

What’s “fit” for a Marathon Runner isn’t “fit crossfit enschede” for an Olympic Weightlifter.
What’s “fit” for CrossFit is “fit” for, well, CrossFit.
Nothing else, and that’s a distinction everyone needs to embrace.

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The world is moving away from running and pilates exercises for weight loss moving towards lifting.
But barbell-centralized sports are comparable to track and field events.
CrossFit involves longer, less intense, bursts of energy.
Now, all sports risk injury, but because of CrossFit’s nature—doing highly technical skills for high repetitions over time—the risk of injury is higher.
Olympic Weightlifting is like putting two minutes on the clock and shooting one shot.

anaerobic system

But CrossFit is like putting two minutes on the clock and trying to make as many as you can.
They ignore proper form, and truly, that’s OK as long as they accept the inherent risk.
Saying you do CrossFit is just like saying you play football.

Olympic weightlifting

Most sports use barbells and other training devices to get better at their sport.
But using CrossFit to get better at another sport is like playing basketball to get better at tennis.
We’re quick to lump “conditioning” into one category.
But saying you’re “conditioning” is like saying you’re “lifting weights.”.
I could courtyard gym go on and on with different strength and power qualities that can all be obtained from “lifting weights.”.

Huffing and puffing doesn’t mean you’re “conditioning.” There are energy system demands in every sport that need to be considered.
Football, for instance, has a high alactic anaerobic component (fancy words, I know) as each play lasts about six-or-less seconds.
So good old American Football is a sport rooted in the alactic anaerobic and aerobic energy systems.

There’s the anaerobic system (without oxygen), and aerobic system (with oxygen).
The anaerobic system, however, is further broken down into the alactic (ATP-PC) and lactic (glycolytic) branches.
Most times, CrossFit falls under crossfit competitions southern california the anaerobic lactic and aerobic pathways.

In fact, CrossFit isn’t designed.

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The workouts are random.
It’s better to pick a sensible program that specifically tailors to your sporting goals.
But CrossFit athletes, in general, train with a lot of intensity.
They give so much effort that it becomes a spiritual experience.
Just know that it isn’t the answer to everything and that it is its own separate entity.

Anthony’s passion for fitness began in 2001 when he stumbled across an underground sport – now called tricking – that consists an aesthetic blend of flips, kicks, and twists.
Currently, he spends his free time writing for his blog and other publications.
Some of the concepts presented herein may be theoretical.

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